American Express Blue Card - Which is Best For You

For years we have seen the same old green American Express cards that could be used as desired and then paid off in full at the end of the month. Today, things have changed quite a bit for American Express credit lines. There are now four distinct blue cards available that are said to be in direct competition with both Visa and MasterCard. Now, you donít have to be an American Express Platinum credit card holder to enjoy the many rewards associated with carrying one. Letís examine the four different blue cards that American Express has launched to see which may be a better option for you and your needs.

For Excellent Travel Rewards- The American Express Sky Blue Card

If you have grown weary of all of those enticing credit card promos that offer you a long weekend in the Bahamas only to be disappointed when you wind up in Omaha for the night, then this card will be perfect for you. This card claims to be the end all when it comes to zero travel restrictions. This card will boldly go where no other travel reward card has gone before. There are no black out dates, there are zero travel restrictions and whatís more, this card will allow its travelers to go where they want, and whenever they want. In addition to the perks mentioned, the card also has an introductory offer of 0% APR, and of course, no yearly fees. As if this werenít enough to convince consumers to go with this card, there is a very good possibility users will enjoy absolutely free coverage on rental vehicle insurance, as well as an array of discounts on lodging, airline tickets, and even car rentals.

If Its Cash You Want- The Blue Cash Card is For You

The American Express Blue Cash card doesnít just give you a measly little 1 or 2 percent cash back reward, it gives you a whopping 5% off on nearly everything you purchase. That is you will enjoy 5% off of visits to your local grocer, 5% off gasoline, 5% off many bills you must pay regularly and as if that were not enough; at the end of the year you will receive a nice big credit to your account for all the of blue cash you have accumulated! Now instead of throwing all your money out the window, you may just be able to have a good time, spend a little money, and get some of it back at the end of the year.

The First American Express Blue Card

The American Express Blue Card was the very first blue card issued by American Express. While there are not nearly as many features associated with this card in terms of direct rewards, it isnít a bad choice either. Once you choose the blue card you will be given 0% APR for up to the first 15 months. In addition, you will get 4.99% APR on all balance transfers for the duration of the loan. You will also be earning points toward the many American Express free rewards programs. And of course, the American Express Blue does not have any annual fees attached to it.

Jet Blue Card

Most people have heard of Jet Blue Airlines and this card was made specifically for them. Users can enjoy rewards such as free flights as well as a number of discounts associated with flying Jet Blue. In fact, the first time a consumer uses his/her American Express Jet Blue card, a whopping 5000 points will be added to his/her account. In addition, there are many participating restaurants and retail stores that enable customers to accumulate double points just by shopping or eating in their establishments. Because there is so much competition surrounding credit cards and benefits, the Jet Blue card offers customers a variety of rewards not found in any other card. If you enjoy traveling, the American Express Jet Blue will be a great asset to you.

For more information on an American Express Blue card, you can visit the AMEX official website or do a search online for a simple application which can be filled out and typically approved instantly.