Credit Card Consumer Rights

As a credit card holder you have several rights of which you must be aware. Some of these rights are prompt resolution of any disputes and errors, removal of unauthorized charges and prompt shipment of items paid for using credit card, credit for payment, refund of any credit balances, etc.

If you return goods that you charged on your credit card or if you have overpaid for an item, you can ask for a money back. In order to obtain a refund, you need to ask for it in writing. The credit card company will send you a refund within several days after receiving your letter requesting the compensation.

You have the right to dispute any inaccuracies on your credit card(s). If you find an error on your credit card bill, you must inform the credit card company immediately. Your credit card company must investigate the error and fix it.

What happens if you have a problem with merchandise or services paid for using your credit card? You should always attempt to solve the dispute with the merchant. If you have made a good effort to solve the problem and the merchant will still not make any attempt to resolve the situation, you can withhold payment for that charge from the credit card issuer as long as the amount for the item exceeds $50 and the purchase was made within 100 miles of your billing address.

If someone ever uses your credit card without your authorization, you can never be held accountable for more than fifty dollars of the amount charged to your card. Assuming you lost your card, and you notify your credit card company and charges are made after this time, they cannot hold you responsible for any of the charges. If the charges where made before your realized your card was lost or stolen, you can never be held accountable for more than $50. All other charges must be removed from your account. You are not responsible for paying them.

When you order something that is to arrive in the mail or to be shipped to you, you have a right to prompt shipping. If the item is not shipped to you when it was promised, you are entitled to a refund. For items when there is no specified ship date, you can cancel your order if it has not been received within 30 days after your payment was made. You can wait, for your item to arrive if you would like. Otherwise you can request a refund. The merchant should have the refund credited to your account within one billing cycle.